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Gilman Thermographic Solutions Services

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Routine INSPECTIONS and SURVEYS can predict problems before they occur 

Gilman Thermographic Solutions LLC provides accessible and comprehensive advanced thermal imaging analysis to your periodic inspection cycle or thermal imaging survey.  Electrical abnormalities, mechanical changes (resistance & blockage), and moisture intrusion are all aspects of maritime systems and structures that can be measured and monitored with thermal imaging. 


We work with you to customize a thermal imaging inspection/survey.  When taking a boat/ship offshore, safety and reliability are paramount and thermal imaging can increase both.  The technology and techniques can be used for both recreational and commercial vessels.  Thermal imaging inspections can identify potential problems BEFORE they are problems, and a 'clean' thermal survey can give great confidence to the captain.

Commercial ships greatly benefit from thermal imaging inspections with their huge machinery, vast electrical installations, and extended electronic systems that can not be surveyed by visual inspections.  Fire prevention is an extremely important issue on ships.

Thermographic inspections instantly show the thermal condition of electrical circuits, electronic systems, and other installations and parts onboard.  Thermal inspections allow fast and secure inspections in line with the tight scheduling in the maritime trade.  On board ships these faults can often be attributed to vibrations and to poor quality maintenance by crew/shipyard repairs, and also to incorrect installation.

Thermal imaging is a mature and widely accepted maintenance technology.  It is increasingly used in marine applications.




  • Engines

  • Exhaust hoses

  • Generators

  • Air conditioning pumps

  • Water heater

  • Water pumps

  • Heat exchangers

  • Tanks

  • Lifts




  • DC power system

  • Batteries

  • Light & power distribution

  • Engine Controls

  • Circuit Breakers/Fuses

  • Contacts

  • Circuit boards

  • Cable runs

  • Motors

  • Electrical Components

noun_Non-Pressurized Area Beyond_115050



  • Structural members of hulls

  • Delamination of fiberglass

  • Previous repairs


Moisture Intrusion

  • Trapped moisture in hulls

  • Moisture trapped around glassed in chainplates on sailboats

  • Trapped moisture in decks (including teak)

  • Moisture around windows and hatches


DIAGNOSE and CONQUER your obstacles faster

Business is complicated.   And in today’s rapid onboarding of new technology and equipment, emergent problems are simply part of the integration/operations challenge.  Gilman Thermographic Solutions offers you a partnership of expertise that knows how and where to look for root causes of a problem so that solutions can be developed and implemented.

Periodic predictive maintenance inspections/surveys are powerful!  They yield valuable information about systems and hardware, and relationships among components.  Thermal imaging surveys are useful in so many areas of the maritime industry, both recreational and commercial vessels (listed above).


HOWEVER, when something does go wrong, thermal imaging can help to rapidly increase the understanding and pinpoint the location of a problem... which leads to a better, more timely solution.

Let’s discuss how advanced thermal imaging can make a difference in solving your next problem.

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