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Dr. Gilman is a hands-on scientist/engineer and a certified thermographer with over forty years in academic and corporate research & development.  Robin first started using thermal imaging in 1983 with clinical studies on nasal decongestion, gingivitis, and antihistamines.  Success with clinical studies opened the door for using thermal imaging to study/trouble-shoot processes and equipment in the laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing.  

Throughout his career Robin has had a passion for using advanced technology to provide useful information about products and processes, and advanced thermal imaging is just that kind of technology.  After a successful career in R&D, Robin has started a new technical consulting/service business, Gilman THERMOGRAPHIC SOLUTIONS LLC.  His new venture focuses on using quantitative thermography to help maintain quality, improve efficiency, increase understanding, and solve problems. 

Robin holds a PhD in bio-medical engineering, a MS in electrical engineering from George Washington University, and a BS in engineering from Virginia Tech.  He is also an ITC Level III certified thermographer and a NEBB certified building enclosure testing professional.  He has published over a dozen scientific papers and is a member of NEBB, IEEE, and SPIE.

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