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Gilman Thermographic Solutions Services

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Routine INSPECTIONS and SURVEYS can predict problems before they occur 

Gilman Thermographic Solutions provides accessible and comprehensive advanced thermal imaging analysis to your company’s periodic inspection cycle or survey. Every facility, equipment set, or manufacturing process relies on the efficient and safe use of energy, as well as, minimizing downtime.  And when things go wrong, efficiency and quality suffer.  Electrical abnormalities, mechanical changes (resistance & blockage), and moisture intrusion are all aspects of processes and structures that can be measured and monitored with thermal imaging. 


Thermal inspections require no shut down of equipment or processes... inspection is performed while in operation and under load.  Thermographic inspections can reduce equipment damage and the need to maintain a large spare parts inventory.

Thermal imaging inspection is perfect for businesses and factories with electrical distribution panels, UPS power supplies, steam systems and HVAC systems.  Rotating equipment, such as bearings, belts, motors, gear boxes, and other mechanical systems can take considerable advantage of the benefits in early detection and productivity savings thermal imaging technology has to offer.


We work with you, to customize an inspection imaging and analysis regimen to serve your most pressing challenges and to look around corners to improve your bottom-line. 




Thermal imaging is an advanced preventative maintenance program for electrical systems.  We provide thermal images of all electrical systems to identify thermal anomalies.  Thermal imaging can visualize electrical faults.

  • High resistance connections

  • Over loaded cables, fuses, and breakers

  • Motors and conveyor bearing failure

  • Phase load imbalance

  • Loose or corroded electrical connections

  • Inspecting substation and switchgear

  • Monitoring  pumps, fans, and compressors

  • Monitoring transformers

  • Printed circuit boards




Heat caused by wear and friction is usually the first sign of mechanical failure.  Thermal imaging detects these failures in their early stages and allows for preemptive corrective action.  

  • Mechanical Equipment - motors, bearings, belts, and transmissions

  • Process Equipment - pipe blockages, coolant leaks, steam traps, tank levels

  • Under floor/slab radiant heating and steam pipe leaks

  • Building Systems - HVAC, building envelopes, flat roof

  • Lubrication issues

  • Misalignments

  • Overloaded pumps

  • Overheated motor axles

  • Overheated motors

  • Suspect rollers

  • Hot bearings




Thermal efficiency and process stability are driving forces in cost and quality.  Insulation is found in many locations ranging from HVAC and refrigeration to steam and furnaces.  Thermal imaging can identify the locations and severity of insulation issues:

  • Thermal insulation breakdown (hot or cold)

  • Steam systems

  • HVAC systems

  • Refrigeration & Cryogenics

  • Missing, damaged, misapplied 

  • Furnaces

  • Refractory breakdown


Leaks &

Moisture Intrusion

Contained materials are always trying to 'escape', and for many technical and economic reasons, it is very valuable to be able to identify where these leaks are occurring and pin point the source.  Early detection is best!

  • Flat roofs

  • Building envelope

  • Window seals

  • Steam & HVAC

  • Pipelines

  • Air leaks


DIAGNOSE and CONQUER your obstacles faster

Business is complicated.   And in today’s rapid onboarding of new technology and equipment, emergent problems are simply part of the integration/operations challenge.  Gilman Thermographic Solutions offers you a partnership of expertise that knows how and where to look for root causes of a problem so that solutions can be developed and implemented.

Periodic predictive maintenance inspections/surveys are powerful!  They yield valuable information about systems and hardware, and the relationship among components.  Thermal imaging is useful in so many areas of the commercial and manufacturing industries. (listed above). 


HOWEVER, when something does go wrong, thermal imaging can help to rapidly increase the understanding and pinpoint the location of a problem... which leads to a better, more timely solution.

Let’s discuss how advanced thermal imaging can make a difference in solving your next problem.


Factories, mills, foundries, building managers, insurance brokers, stores, realtors, facilities managers

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