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We unleash the power of Advanced Thermal Imaging

Temperature is one of the most common indicators of the mechanical, electrical, or physical health of equipment, processes, materials, and infrastructure.  Faulty machinery, corroded electrical connections, damaged material components, and water intrusion can cause abnormal temperatures and produce unique patterns. Our qualitative and quantitative infrared techniques are used for predictive/preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, troubleshooting, and research.

Thermography is used by many industries and has been widely accepted by insurance companies as a way to reduce risk.  Many objects and systems are potential candidates for a thermal imaging inspection/survey.  While many companies now employ infrared technology in their everyday business, most companies do not require the use of the equipment on a daily basis, or are unable to justify the expense of the equipment and training that is needed.  GTS has the equipment, training, and expertise to fill this gap.

Gilman Thermographic Solutions LLC is focused in four main areas: Maritime, Commercial & Manufacturing, Energy, and Research & Development.  In our ENERGY focus area we are now certified by NEBB as a Building Envelope Testing professional.  We combine this with forensic thermal imaging to provide full service BET.


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Commercial & Manufacturing

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Research &

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We offer valuable, efficient, and cost effective thermal imaging services to a wide customer base of consumers and businesses. Thermal imaging can speed up diagnosis, reduce/avoid unscheduled downtime, and minimize damage to structures and contents.  Infrared thermography offers a variety of advantages because it can be used for: 
  • Surveying most types of equipment
  • ​Collecting data in hazardous environments from a safe distance
  • Scanning large areas such as walls, ceilings, and roofs quickly
  • Gathering data without disrupting production
  • Quickly identify irregularities in a specific location
  • Detecting problems before failure
These advantages produce several specific benefits for troubleshooting, preventive/predictive maintenance, and research including:
  • INCREASE SAFETY  Inspect without directly contacting equipment or interrupting its operation.  Can inspect ductwork and ceilings without having to climb ladders or use a lift.
  • IMPROVED RELIABILITY  More accurate information makes it easier for maintenance teams to fix problems before they result in large-scale losses, thus significantly reducing unscheduled downtime.
  • BETTER ASSURANCE OF REPAIRS  Quickly scan a repaired component or structural area allows verification that the repair was successfully completed or identify subtle signs that further repair is needed.
  • SUCCESSFUL COMMISSIONING OF NEW INSTALLATIONS  Whether installing a new motor-control center, electrical service, roof, steam line, HVAC or building insulation, thermal imaging can be used to document the condition at the time of acceptance.  This baseline documentation can be used to verify manufacturing performance specification or provide a basis for comparison at a later time.  A thermal image can also indicate potential faults in installation, so that if a problem is found it can be immediately corrected or monitored until a repair can be scheduled.
  • IMPROVE PRODUCTION RATE AND QUALITY  For preventive or predictive maintenance, it can help minimize equipment malfunctions and failures, and maintain optimum production efficiency and safety.
  • MONITOR EQUIPMENT DETERIORATION  Can be used to monitor the condition and characteristics of your equipment against predetermined tolerances.  This will help predict possible malfunctions or failures, allowing repair or replacement of the deteriorating components before they fail completely and potentially cause unplanned downtime.
Gilman Thermographic Solutions LLC offers three types of services: Inspection/Survey, Diagnostics, and Research.  Our services are described below:

Routine inspections and surveys can predict problems before they occur 

Gilman Thermographic Solutions LLC provides accessible and comprehensive advanced thermal imaging analysis to your periodic inspection cycle. Every facility, equipment set, or manufacturing process relies on the efficient use of energy, and when things go wrong, efficiency and quality go down. Electrical abnormalities, mechanical changes (resistance & blockage), and moisture intrusion are all aspects of processes and structures that can be measured and monitored with thermal imaging.  We work with you, to customize a thermal imaging inspection and analysis regimen to serve your most pressing challenges and to look around corners to improve your bottom-line. 


Diagnose and conquer your obstacles faster

Business is complicated. Every organization struggles with persistent challenges that year-over-year stifle advancement. And in today’s rapid onboarding of new technology and equipment, emergent problems are simply part of the integration challenge. Gilman Thermographic Solutions LLC offers you a partnership and expertise that knows how and where to look for root causes of the problem so that solutions can be developed and implemented.


Deeper knowledge will increase performance of your products and processes

With over 40+ years experience driving research and development efforts at Fortune 50 corporations and leading health and data driven industry sectors.  Robin Gilman’s leadership in discovery, inquiry, and analysis provides your organization a foundation of expertise you can rely on. Gilman Thermographic Solutions LLC helps you plan for and execute on—systemic improvements across your business. Let’s discuss how advanced thermal imaging becomes a key asset in your long-term planning. 

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